Un-bundled Packages

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Select an un-bundled package that best suits your needs.

What it is

This option is great for those who have more financial means than our limited scope clinics, but still not enough for the average retainer fee for full attorney representation.

How much it costs

Packages START as low as $250 and can go up to $1250 (Prices can change depending on the complexity of your legal matter).

How to get started

Complete Steps 1 & 2 of the application process.

Nebraska Shared Parenting Foundation’s

Un-bundled Packages

You’ll start by picking the package that best fits the legal matter you need started. Then, you’ll complete Steps 1 & 2 of our application process. We ask that you outline in the application description which package (legal matter) you need.

Once we receive your application and do our conflict checks, we will direct you to our attorney to set up your consultation in order to get your matter started.

What you can expect:

  • In over 8 years of existence and 2500 clients served, our attorneys are local and have as many as 30 years of litigated experience to fit any custody related matter
  • Knowledge and information about the legal process
  • Copies of all documents drafted
  • Prices you can afford

Our un-bundled packages

******All packages are for Douglas, Sarpy and Lancaster Counties only. Additional costs for attorney travel not included.

***Court filing costs and sheriff fees are not included.

Attorney Representation Options

Prices start as low as $350 and can go up to $500 (Prices can change depending on the complexity of your legal matter).

Pretrial Hearing

Pretrial Hearing starts at $400*.

  • Consult with attorney
  • Drafting of Notice of Hearing
  • Attorney attending hearing at the Courthouse on your behalf
  • Attorney will legally advise you on all your options regarding your case

Attorney Attending Hearing

Attorney Attending Hearing starts at $350.

  • Consult with attorney
  • Attorney attend hearing on behalf of client
  • Attorney advising client on legal issues
  • Any document drafting will be extra charge

Trial Preparation with Attorney

Trial Preparation with Attorney starting at $450.

  • Consulting with attorney
  • Legal advice regarding Trial Order or Court rules of civil procedure
  • Exhibit organization
  • Drafting of Exhibit Index
  • Child Support Calculator
  • Drafting of Trial letter to Judge
  • Narrative for Trial
  • Any additional document drafting will be an extra charge

Choose an un-bundled package today!