Nebraska Family Law Services and How We Help

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Nebraska Family Law Services

Serving Omaha, Lincoln, and the state of Nebraska, our family law services services are designed to decrease the stress and financial burdens that are often associated with custody-related matters. More beneficial to our clients is the sense of control and education they will receive within our services. We believe our clients deserve to understand how the process works as part of their investment.

We have a Limited Scope Program, which gives individuals an opportunity to consult with an attorney to get certain filings drafted to accomplish a custody goal. We charge a sliding fee scale based on the individual’s income and family. Nebraska Shared Parenting Foundation cares about everyone in the family, and our goal is always to keep the family dynamic together.

Because Children Need Both Parents.

Nebraska Shared Parenting Foundation’s

Nebraska Family Law Services

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Case Evaluation

Schedule an affordable consult with an attorney to get learn about the best options for your case.

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Family Law Attorney Referrals

Get access to a family law attorney who is right for your case.

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Limited Scope Clinics

Limited scope is a pay as you go, step-by-step process to accomplishing a custody matter.

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Un-bundled Packages

Pick the package that fits your legal matter and complete an application to get started.

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Meet with an attorney for assistance in negotiation of your differences. Each party represents themselves individually without attorney representation.

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Financial Services

Get a simple financial needs analysis to assist you in becoming financially stable.

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Legal Loans

Find assistance for your legal costs.

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Guardianship & Kinship

We’ve partnered with Lutheran Family Services–for Lancaster and Dodge county cases only–to offer Kinship support, which is a specialized service that provides kinship caregivers with the legal resources and support they need to provide a safe, loving home when children are removed from their parents.