About the Nebraska Shared Parenting Foundation

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About the Nebraska Shared Parenting Foundation

The Nebraska Shared Parenting Foundation is a veteran managed and operated non-profit organization whose board members have experienced the challenges of a custody battle. We are, therefore, dedicated to providing the highest quality resources needed to guide and educate our clients through family law matters.

We work under the rules of ethics for lawyer referral services in the State of Nebraska. Our attorney referrals are licensed and in good standing with the Nebraska Bar Association. We specialize in mediation, attorney referrals, limited scope and UN-bundled services.

Our goal is simple:

Continue to help people gain affordable legal services in custody cases.

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Divorce and custody disputes are sometimes painful, highly stressful, and emotionally charged times.

Since 2013 the Nebraska Shared Parenting Foundation has worked diligently to provide legal assistance for individuals who have experienced divorce and are facing custody challenges. Our organization understands these delicate times firsthand. We understand that finances should not be a reason a parent is not able to gain professional legal representation for shared parenting. Therefore, we created an organization to help individuals with programs designed to fit any budget.

We know from experience that lifestyle changes, legal, and financial challenges during a divorce can overwhelm a person.

Instead of ignoring the problem so many parents face, we decided to be a positive and helpful resource. The heart of the Nebraska Shared Parenting Foundation is to provide affordable and professional legal counsel and programs to those parents who may need a positive alternative. The premise of our mission is to improve the divorce and custody challenges that affect so many of our children and families.

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Our mission is to provide parents with the legal resources needed to accomplish a family law related solution for the benefit of the children.

This mission is based on research supported by 110 of the world’s leading child development experts that support shared parenting for the best overall development for children of divorce or split families.

We will accomplish this through community awareness, education, consulting, and providing legal assistance programs designed to help families with all income levels.